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Link & Zelda B & C Grade Pins

Link & Zelda B & C Grade Pins

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All sales are final for B & C grade pins

B Grade(Second): Noticeable flaws but doesn't affect overall look of the design, only small but no large flaws on the main subject(character's face)

- Wrong coloring on small area. (Most B Grade TotK Zonai Zelda pins has wrong coloring on her dress, the bottom area was filled with her skin color instead of greyish beige)

- Front surface is okay but back pin is flat instead of sharp pointed

- Minor oxidation of metal surface

- Small air bubbles or pores on enamel surface

- Small area of under filled enamel

- Small area of bubble on metal surface

- Tiny scratches on the enamel surface

- Small stained area

- Missing enamel on small part of the design

- Small off-set screen printing

C Grade(Toy Grade): Noticeable and large flaws at first glance, on main subject (character's face)

- Visible stains

- Large/multiple bubble and pores

- Large scratches 

- Multiple B-grade issues listed above


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